The Business of English
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The Business of English
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With years of training, successful experience in diplomacy and senior level private sector international management, including private coaching and tutoring, we provide individual, small or large group Business English interactive skill development with emphasis on specific needs including negotiation, conference and individual calls, interviewing, conducting meetings, general conversation, cultural nuances, logic and discussions. Experience in English Tutoring & Instruction includes: International Language School ESL for multinational corporate executives, diplomats, foreign government officials and their spouses from Saudi Arabia, China, France, Latin America, South Korea, Iran, Tunisia, Japan, U.A.E., Benin, France, Hungary, Peru, and others. Middle School (6th and 7th grades): Reading for English as a Second Language and Reading Challenged students and English instruction to 4th, 5th level students, 5th grade and PSAT classes.

In addition to education, Principal Tutor, Michael Bender has been engaged in international business and cultural activities for more than 20 years in the private and public sectors. He was Consulting Director of International Business Development (for consumer products) and served as a Commercial Attaché in U.S. Embassies in the Middle East and Africa, as CEO of Artek Systems Corporation and Imaging Products International, Inc. and held various senior executive positions in the United States in the high technology sector with Dynatech Corporation and a European IT Management and Consulting firm. He was Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Al-Bader Group in Kuwait for 6 years and remains an educational software consultant and Director for a U.S. & European IT company.