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If you're looking for a proven way to improve your English skills fast, my online class is for you! I am an experienced English teacher. I've taught English to students, professionals, business people, and others of various English levels (from beginners to advanced learners). My students come from various parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and Russia. I teach conversational English, business English, grammar, pronunciation, writing, general and everyday English, and others. I can give you a free private trial class through voice chat, if you sign up at http://www.EnglishSuccess.co.nr/trialonskype.htm

Check out my sample English lessons along with voice recording at http://www.EnglishSuccess.co.nr/.

In my English classes, you will experience:
-Giving a speech
-Getting interviewed
-Doing role plays
-Brainstorming in English
-Writing essays, business letters, etc.
-Being tested with your language skills
-Getting a lot of conversational practice
-Learning pronunciation
-Reading for better comprehension, and a lot more!